The Class

Upcoming Events in June and July

The highlights of the European Season are coming up soon. Make sure not to miss them!!

  • Kiel Week in GER, one of the biggest sailing events worldwide!!!
  • Multi Class Event in Makkum, NED, great place to sail, normally quite windy
  • Spring Cup in Medemblik, NED, one of the best venues in Northern Europe, great preparation for the Europeans at Garda
  • Travemuende Week at the Baltic, GER, similar to Kiel week but more laid back and just a great party atmosphere
  • Pre Europeans in ITA, warm up for THE event
  • EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS at Garda, ITA, race a major event at the legendary venue in Northern Italy

French Open 2018 in Quiberon

Paul Verhallen from NED won the French Open from Antonio Lambertini and Luca Bonezzi from Italy.


Worldwide Ballot 2018


2018 Ballot Instructions

The following are proposed changes for the International Contender Class Rules. This ballot comprises of proposed rule changes that were approved (received the required 2/3 majority) at the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Medemblik and the AGM at Sonderborg in 2017 and the AGM in McCrae in 2018. The delay for the 2015 proposal is due to failure to agree a wording with ISAF for the electronic equipment rule. This will need to be put into SI’s in the future if required at a regatta.

The proposals are now presented to the whole eligible (paid up) membership of the International Contender Association as at the time of the McCrea. National Secretaries or other responsible officers shall distribute this ballot to eligible members. Members who wish to vote must do so on this ballot paper and then return this ballot to an officer representing his/her country. Either in hard copy or electronically. That officer will:

  • Verify that the voter is eligible to vote:
  • Count the votes for and against the proposal.
  • Further, will report the sail number and name of each voter

The results of the balloting for each country shall be returned to the Secretary of the International Contender Association. Final NA results shall be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our rules state that the ballot can take a maximum of 3 months (07 June 2018) for the returns to come back to the secretary and only those returns shall be counted.

New ICA committee members elected

Two new committee members were elected during the Association's General Meeting that was held on Tuesday the 18th of July 2017. The committee welcomes Christoph Homeier and Roberto Mazzali. Neil Smith and Andreas Voigt stepped down and received a warm applaus from the meeting for the work they have done for ICA. 

Championship History


International Contender Association
World Championships

International Contender World Championship Regattas

    • 2018 World Championship at McCrae, Australia Won by Mark Bulka, Australia, 2nd place: Jason Beebe, Australia, 3rd place: Andrea Bonezzi, Italy, 1st Woman: Jacqueline Ruefenacht
      90 Entrants from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland

    • 2017 World Championship at Sonderborg, Denmark Won by Jason Beebe, Australia, 2nd: Mark Bulka, Australia, 3rd place: Jesper Nielsen, Denmark, 1st Woman: Jacqueline Ruefenacht, Switzerland
      107 Entrants from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland

    • 2016 World Championship at Santa Cruz, California, USA Won by Mark Bulka, Australia, 2nd place: Jason Beebe, Australia, 3rd place Simon Mussell, Great Britain, 1st Woman Stephanie Mah, Canada
      34 Entrants from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

    • 2015 World Championship at Medemblik, Netherlands Won by Simon Mussell, Great Britain, 2nd place: Mark Bulka, Australia, 3rd place Andrea Bonezzi, Australia, 1st Woman Jacqueline Rüfenacht, Switzerland
      134 Entrants from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

    • 2014 World Championship at Belmont, Lake McQuarrie, Australia Won by Mark Bulka, Austrlia, 2nd place: Jono Neate, Australia, 3rd place Matthew Mulder, Australia, 1st Woman Jacqueline Rüfenacht, United Arab Emirates
      68 Entrants from Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates

    • 2013 World Championship at Gravedona, Lago di Como, Italy Won by Søren Dulong Andreasen, 2nd place: Simon Mussell, Great Britain, 3rd place Mark Bulka, Australia, first Veteran: Stuart Jones, Great Britain, !st Woman Jacqueline Rüfenacht, Switzerland
      174 Entrants from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

    • 2012 World Championship at St Petersburg, Florida, USA. Won by Antonio Lambertini, Italy, 2nd place: Giovanni Bonzio, Italy, 3rd place Søren Dulong Andreasen, Denmark first Veteran: Joachim Harpprecht, Germany
      45 Entrants from Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, USA

    • 2011 World Championship at Weymouth, Great Britain. Won by Bjarke B Johnsen, Denmark, 2nd place: Graham Scott, Great Britain
      3rd place: Søren Dulong Andreasen, Denmark, first Veteran: Stuart Jones, Great Britain)
      143 Entrants from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, USA

    • 2010 World Championship at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Won by Jono Neate, Australia, 2nd place: Andrea Bonezzi, Italy
      3rd place: Christoph Homeier, Germany, first Veteran: Chris Sutherland, Western Australia, Australia(Gary Langdon, UK??)
      First Woman: Ann Seidel, Germany, Junior World Champion: Alexander Groehlich, New South Wales, Australia
      60 Entrants from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

    • 2009 World Championship at Sønderborg, Denmark. Won by Andrea Bonezzi, Italy.
      2nd place: Jono Neate, Australia, 3rd place: Jacob Lunding, Denmark, first Veteran: Graham Scott, Great Britain
      First Woman: Jacqueline Rüfenacht, Switzerland

    • 2008 World Championship at Kingston, Canada . Won by Marcus Hamilton, Australia.
      2nd place: Marco Versari, Italia, Third place: Søren Andreasen, Denmark. First Veteran – Chris Sutherland, AUS.
      34 competitors from 8 countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands,
      and USA.

    • 2007 World Championship at Medemblik, Netherlands. Won by Marcus Hamilton, Australia.
      2nd place: Andrea Bonezzi, Italia, Third place: Jan van der Bank, Germany. First Veteran – Stuart Jones, U.K.
      144 competitors from 11 countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands,
      Spain, Switzerland and USA.

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Link to photos of perpetual trophies to help out Worlds regatta organizers.

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2014 AGM Agenda

International Contender Association

Annual General Meeting

Belmont 15ft Sailing Club

Belmont, New South Wales


10:00 am

22nd January 2014

  1. Apologies for      Absence
  2. Approve last      years minutes
  3. Introduction of      committee
  4. Chairmans report
  5. Treasurers      report
  6. Technical report
  7. Secretaries      report
  8. International      report
    1. Europeans 2014
    2. Worlds 2015
    3. World 2016
  9. New Event      proposals
  10. Rule change      proposals
    1. measurement       rules – Centreboard Pivot – Tech Committee
    2. Championship       rules – contract with Club
  11. Election of      Officers
  12. AOB

NOTE: if you have ANY changes you wish to propose at the AGM please forward them in writing at your earliest convenience to the secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for inclusion into the agenda.


Cees de Gruijter

The Netherlandsita cees 1

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief International Measurer

Manfred-KieckbuschManfred Kieckbusch

Manfred Kieckbusch
Buschkoppel 11
24113 Molfsee

Tel ++49 (0)4347 -730-35-44
Fax ++49 (0)4347 -730-35-48
Mobil++49 (0)170 -215-6775
skype: Manfred.kieckbusch


peter hicksonPeter Hickson

To be appointed by WorldSailing as International Measurer in September 2018

Peter Hickson
4a Hollow Lane, Hayling Island
Hants PO11 9AA
United Kingdom


mob +(44)-7836-572194
phh + (44)-2392-466374
phi @

Worlds 2013

cropped-gravedonadasancarlo800Hello Contender Sailors, we've launched the 2013 Contender Worlds website:

Here you can find information about the venue and the accomodations available. The other sections are now empty and will be completed soon. We also let you know when the final NOR version and registration instructions will be ready. See you in Gravedona !!!

Roberto ITA 97

Worlds 2014

contenderclassworlds2014The 2014 Worlds are not far away. Have a closer look to the australian Eventsite at Facebook.


The Worlds are sheduled as follows:

Pre-Worlds: January 15 - 18

Worlds: January 19 - 25


Open German Nationals - Kiel Schilksee

Very last call for the German Nationals near Kiel Schilksee! Very late entries are accepted by FAX until thursday 24 h, the entry form is attached, the FAX Number is shown on it. Late entry fee 90 Euros, Pasta and Barbeque free.

First start Friday Sept. 28th 11h, the race course is just off the harbour.
Good wind promised, see you there!




See you -


International German Nationals 2012

The International Geman Nationals are held this year in Schilksee.

This is the last call to attend. The raceoffice is closing the List on September  12th.

Location: Olympic Center Kiel Schilksee
Date: Registration from Thursday Sept 27th 15 h
First race: Friday 11 h,
Last possible race: Sunday 14 h
9 races total, 3 races per day
Free Pasta Party on Friday, free Barbeque on Saturday

La Rochelle - Extended Version

La-Rochelle-video-snapAltiplano, the production Company behind the great footage of the La Rochelle Video has agreed to publish their extended Version of Axel Dachets Video footage of the Worlds in La Rochelle. It has some real nice shots of the venue and the competitors. On and Off shore. You can watch it right here or download it from our vault here . Size is aprox. 2GB.


Roberto Mazzali 


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Officer

Christoph Homeierchristoph


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


chrisboshier151.jpgChris Boshier

529 Woodgrange Drive
Thorpe Bay

tel (mobile): +44 (0)7770 871967
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Officer

JacquelineJacqueline Rüfenacht 


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Measurer


Greg Barrington



email: Greg.Barrington @

AGM Minutes 2009

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2009
29th July 2009 at Sonderborg, Denmark

Meeting started at 2012hrs and ended at 2223 hrs
The meeting was opened by chairman Neil Smith.
Apologies from: Gil Woolley
Ben Holden commented that the Agenda for the meeting should have been posted prior to the Meeting
Neil Smith ran through the Agenda and introduced himself,  Jan, Marco, Chris and Jens.
Matter Arising from previous AGM:
Jan Von der Bank apologised for not having got round to re writing the class rules and said they would be rewritten by the next AGM.



Chairman's report

- Neil Smith
Neil  thanked everyone for coming  and thanked the Danish Team at the Yacht Club and the Race committee for organising the event with special thanks to Flemming.
He went on to thank the national representatives for helping the class to grow , especially Germany which now has a larger contender class than lasers. He also thanked the sailmakers, boatbuilders and other people connected with the class for their work in keeping the class going.
He mentioned the challenges faced over the past year, in finding a new class secretary, a new international measurer in which we have Andrew Davies, a  new content and web manager for the website who is now Jan and Nikky and praised them for the production of the web page, links and frontage and asked if anyone had any content they wished to be published this could be sent to himself for forwarding.
He mentioned about raising the profile of the class by advertising on line with Sailing Anarchy and if there were any other prospective websites which would be good for the class then contact the ICA committee and it may be able to help fund this.
He mentioned the 2008 worlds in North America and how this was helping to gain momentum for the class with 7 boats in the last 2 years.
Plans for the forthcoming year were to increase advertising and web presence and the introduction of a YouTube competition with a prize.
He also suggested that the National Associations could learn from the growing countries and should pass on what they’ve been doing to other NAs.
He suggested that we should get greater ISAF coverage and although there is a strong European presence and growth in North America we should continue to grow and promote the class.
He asked the National Associations that if they were planning on doing anything they should involve the committee early and seek approval before spending anything.
He finished with asking for any new or unique ideas to promote the class and if anyone had any thoughts on how we can promote the class better to contact him directly.

Treasurer's report -

Jens Langendorf
All fees are now in for 2008, but still awaiting some fees for 2009, despite this there is almost 19,000 euros in the bank, which is 3k less than last year.
The worlds video had cost 2k and the money which had been lent to Canada had now been returned and once this has cleared we will have broken even.
There has been a growth in paying members although CAN, USA, ITA, BEL, EST and FIN were still unpaid which has resulted in overall growth.
JVdB proposed that we didn’t charge countries with small memberships
Soren proposed all pay but the ICA fund them
There was then a discussion about the criteria for a small membership i.e. number of members
JVdB then clarified that we needed to be see the monetary transactions
Neil said that we’d been down the not paying route before and that hadn’t been successful/
Soren suggested that in that case a bill to the value of the subscriptions to the ICA would suffice and all agreed, Jens therefore plans to take a relaxed approach to the smaller countries.
Back to the treasurers report, AUS had been leant money to build a mold and the monies were being returned as aboats were built.

Other Business

Richard Buttner suggested that the class publish a yearbook as a means of promoting the class and offered assistance.

Election of Officers
President: Jan Von der Bank was nominated, Stephanie Mah Proposed and Andrea Bonezzi seconded
Chairman: Neil Smith was nominated, JVdB proposed and Soren seconded.
Technical Chairman: Marco Versari and Gregg Barrington were nominated, Chris Southerland proposed and Jaqueline Rufenacht seconded
Treasurer: Jens Langendorf was nominated, Soren proposed and Andreas Voight seconded
Secretary: Chris Boshier was nominated, Soren proposed and Marco seconded

Upcoming Events

Worlds 2010: Brisbane, Australia
Chris Sutherland stated that Brisbane is less than 6 months away and that he and Matt Mulder will do anything they can to make it happen.  He said what a lovely place it is and that everyone goes there for their holidays. The venue is only a 10 euro taxi ride from the airport and once there, camping on site is ok and everything is pretty local so you’d only need a pushbike to get around. He also mentioned that  containers will be left on site.
Andrea mentioned that the Italian container would be able to take some rental boats out if necessary and may be able to do up to 6.
Simon Mussel l said that there should be 11 boats going from the UK.
Schappi wasn’t sure of numbers from Germany but stated the difference in price between a 20’ and 40’ container was minimal per boat.
Andrea asked if there would be support from the ICA for shipping boats to Brisbane.  The ICA responded that find out the final shipping situation and let us know.

Worlds 2011: Weymouth, UK
Matt Aston started that Weymouth is a great venue and the 2012 Olympic venue with a choice of sailing in either the bay or the harbour dependant on weather, the event will be preceded by the British National Championships in the 2nd week of July. The venue has accommodation, containers can be left at the club and caravans and campers can also stay on site, camping however is currently under negotiation.
The venue is 3.5 hours from Dover, containers would come into Southampton. The event has a website, Weymouth also has its own website, Matt promised 15+knots everyday and sunshine.

Worlds 2012: St Petersburg, Florida
Neil Smith suggested dates April 23-29 with Ethan Bixby organizing the event. They have recently hosted the 2007 FD worlds and hold the NOOD regatta annually. Several options were offered, either Fort Desoto or at the sailing centre. It’s a fancy club with cannons at sunset and a swimming pool. Weather is 80F (25/26C) and the water’s lovely, nice shorty weather. The event is timed to fit between the Australian and Euro seasons.  Motion passed to have the 2012 Worlds in Florida

European 2010: La Rochelle
Francois started that there were few contenders in France but even so they had grown from 2 to 10 in a year, he then went on to give a presentation for the Europeans stating that La Rochelle was the biggest sailing club in France, the prevailing winds are south westerlies at that time of year and the sailing area in the bay is protected to a degree from the Atlantic swell . The harbour is approximately 2km from the town. Camping is ok at the harbour. He gave examples of the experience of the race and organisational team there having hosted the Tornado worlds and it also being the french olympic training venue. There were some graphs from the french meteorological office showing that 41% of the time it below 4beaufort+  and the average temperature at that time of year was 21C. He suggested that it was worth visiting for more than a week and a visit to the vinyards was recommended and could be incorporated.

2012 Euros Discussion
Sweden was being considered for 2012
JVdB said that Kiel will not host another Worlds, however Germany were looking to host a World Championships soon.
JVdB then thanked the National Associations for presenting and planning the events.

Proposals for Rules Changes

Remove towing eye from rules. vote 21 for 5 against, goes to ballot
Proposal: Rule 8.2 outlaw chines from new boats – insert ‘hull not to curve less than 35mm’ to be measured at right angles and referenced to the stations.  Vote 31 for 1 against, goes to ballot
Proposal: Rule 17.2 sail measurement – rule needs redefining for leach length, sail batten placing and measurement marks as there are legacy anomalies from when IYRU changed to ISAF and the ERS were created. Vote 32 for none against, goes to ballot
Proposal: Rule 19.2 clarification required – proposal that the maximum rudder pintle size including any packing be limited to 80mm wide (transversely) and 40mm deep (longitudinally), 35 for none against, goes to ballot
Proposal: Rule 19.2 (2) redefinition of skin projections and a minimum height for the rudder fitting from the bottom of the hull, 19 for 8 against. No action as will be included in 19.2 above
There was one rule change that did not make it.

Championship rules changes
Chris Sutherland gave a preamble that the current rules were legacy and impracticable for a race committee to work with and that they needed modernizing and including more instructions.  Soren thanked Chris S and explained that the proposed rules were a great improvement.  Ben Holden suggested that the new championships rules be circulated to all national associations and the secretaries to distribute for feed back from the national classes in time for the next AGM. This was agreed.
The proposed new rules were circulated to the floor and varies items were discussed
Mark Robinson was against pre seeding competitors and a seeding discussion ensued
SM wanted to know who would decide on the seeding
2 boat zone was also discussed Marco suggested that ISAFs 3 boat lengths had made it too soft
BH suggested we move on and awaited the rules being circulated properly.
JVdB said the ICA would decide and then said a draft would be sent out to the NA’s for circulation as per BH’s suggestion so we can vote at the next AGM.
There was a discussion on templates and it was decided there was no need to discuss with ISAF.

Submitted by Chris Boshier, Secretary, dated 29 July 2009

Any Other Business
Poll proposed a vote of thanks to Gil in his absence for his extraordinary work over the years as class secretary and proposed the he be made an honorary life member,  Soren proposed this and JVdB seconded, the vote was unanimously in favour.
Neil mentioned the youtube competition, this would be a 1-3 minute video to promote the class and had to include contender sailing, the award would be given to the video clip with the most hits over a year and the award would be sailing equipment to the value of 500 euros. The ICA committee will come up with full rules in due course. Mention was made not to use commercial music as a soundtrack as this could infringe copyright and cause legal issues, Neil mentioned that there were plenty of copyright free music sites to get music from.
A European trophy is required for the Europeans
Soren mention the requirement for a tow rope and that it should be included in the championship rules.

Meeting closed at 22:23

AGM Minutes 2002

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2002
18 January, 2002 at Black Rock Yacht Club, Melbourne, Australia

This is Page 2

Election of Officers

The following persons were re-elected to the following five offices. There were no nominees proposed in opposition to the incumbent officers.

Arthur Brett
Søren Andreason
Technical Chairman:
Alan Mollatt
Manfred Kieckbusch
Gil Woolley

Upcoming Events

Worlds 2003: Great Britain, Plymouth, 3rd Week of August. Approved.

Worlds 2004: Italy, Lake Garda approved

Worlds 2005: Germany. Jan von der Bank presented information regarding three possible venues
1 Kiel, during Kieler Woche 3rd week of June. Sort of early and cold. Excellent sailing
18 Travemünde inexpensive camping, good social place
8 Wanemünde long waves, cheap accommodation
Despite the votes listed, a final decision was not made.

Worlds 2006: Western Australia in January at Freemantle at Freemantle Sailing Club
Large sailing club, parking for 500 to 600 cars
Ramps, rock groins provide wave protection whilst launching. Windy. Containers are stored right on the site. Club is 1.5 km from the shipping port. Sea is fair, unbiased
Full Bistro. Morning races. Cheap accommodation.

Europeans 2002: 13-18 July ; Søren described
Dinner Thursday. Camping close by, 5 to 15 minutes away. Possibly able to park in the harbour and sleep. 2 basketball courts

Championship rules

Chris Mitchell reported.
We have been sailing different procedures at our championships than the old rules provide for. They state for instance, that the chairman and the president may not sail the World Championship. Søren and Arthur
would probably resign if we held them to that rule.
  • New championship rules permit 2 races per day
  • Defines the championship committee
  • Junior is less than 25, Master is over 50

After discussion, some problems were identified so a vote was deferred until the class is more ready to accept the provisions.

Proposals for Rules Changes

The Secretary received a number of rules change proposals during the regatta and typed up and posted the suggestions received. The sailors present had an opportunity to translate these proposals into their native tongue and to consider further improvements.

At the AGM, a total of 45 members signed the sign up sheet. In order to pass a rule change must have at least 2/3 of 45 votes or 30 votes or if some members leave the meeting, then we counted those in favour and those opposed. A thumbnail description of each proposal is presented here but there are also links to the exact wording of the old rule and the new proposed rule.

Proposal 1. Rule 17.4. Changes the maximum width of letters and numbers from 45 to 40 mm. All other dimensions in the present rule are unchanged.
This passed unanimously.

Proposal 2. Rule 13.8. This change would decrease the mast tip weigh from 3 kg to 2.5 kg. This particular rule change would be made as of January, 2004.
The measure passed with 25 in favour, 7 opposed.78% in favour.

Proposal 3.
This proposal was to permit builders and owners to install up to 10 kg of lead weight compared to the present limit of 6 kg. Builders such as Paul Walker and Chappi Harprecht spoke against the practicality of the idea.
The measure failed with 17 in favour, 14 opposed. 55% in favour.

In discussion of the proposal, frustration was expressed that boats that are deemed to be at the correct hull weight at one championship are found underweight at another. The ICA committee received an action item to do something about solving the problem such as purchasing calibrated scales.
The ICA committee received an action item from Tim Holden asking what will be done to prevent the construction of any more Contenders which require more than 6 kg in corrector lead weights. Tim discovered this discrepancy in the boat chartered to Chris Mitchell.

Proposal 4. Rule 16.2.
The rule presently requires that lead weights be evenly divided and installed on the fore and aft cockpit walls no more than 50 mm below the deck. The proposal permits the lead to be installed lower in the cockpit but still at the cockpit ends.
The measure passed with 30 votes. 66.67% in favour.

Proposal 5.
This would have lowered the hull weight below 83 kg but the officers elected to not discuss the measure or ask for a vote as the mood seemed to be opposed to such.

Proposal 6a.
This measure replaced a proposal 6. The goal was to find an acceptable way to include the centreboard weight in the hull weight measurement at a major championship. The discussion indicated that the members do not feel this is a goal worth pursuing.
The measure failed.

Proposal 7. Rule 2.3
This measure legitimizes the existing practice of permitting amateur builders to build not only timber boats but also from a kit where the glasfibre hull has been built by a licensed builder.
This measure passed with 30 votes. 66.67% in favour.

Proposal 8. Rule 15.1
This measure permits materials other than aluminium in the construction of booms. This was rejected previously at the AGM at Medemblik in 2000.
This time the measure passed with 25 votes in favour, 6 opposed. 80.1% in favour.

Proposal 9. Rule 13.1.
When the recent change was made to rule 13.1 permitting materials other than aluminium to be used in the construction of masts, the words "inherently straight" were inadvertently omitted from the new rule wording. The measure is to put those words back into the rule.
The measure passed with 29 in favour, none opposed. 

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary

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AGM Minutes 2000

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2000
Held on 15 August, 2000 at Medemblik, Netherlands

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Other Business

Richard Buttner suggested that the class publish a yearbook as a means of promoting the class and offered assistance.

Election of Officers

President: Nigel Walbank
Chairman: Chris Mitchell
Technical Chairman: Alan Mollatt
Treasurer: Manfred Kieckbusch
Secretary: Gil Woolley

Upcoming Events

Worlds 2001: Kingston, Ontario Canada August 4-11. Ian Watson, chairman of the Canadian Contender Association, presented some information and handed out thick flyers to the National Secretaries. Kingston is the site used for CORK - Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston. Lake Ontario is quite large - roughly 70 miles by 250 miles. It is a thermal wind area. They are planning two races per day.

Worlds 2002: Melbourne, Australia in January 2002. The organizers plan to offer free shipping container handling (terminal charges) but, contrary to previous announcements, no free shipping.

Worlds 2003: Plymouth, Great Britain. Third week of August.

Worlds 2004: Is open. Members of the German contingent suggested Travemunde.

Europeans 2001: Britanny, France held from 23 to 27 May at Loctudy. Henri Chemineau presented.

Europeans 2002: Hellerup, Denmark (20 minutes from Copenhagen). July or August. 5 days racing, car camping, gymnastic room. Manfred Kieckbusch adds that this is the club from which Paul Elvstrom sails. Lars Schrøder presented.

Proposals for Rules Changes

A number of events external to and internal to the Contender class caused many class members to discuss and propose potential class rule changes. These proposals were written down and presented to the class members attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In order for a rule change to take effect, the proposal must be approved by 2/3 of the members attending the AGM, then it must be approved by a simple majority of class members voting by postal ballot, then it must be approved by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) at their annual meeting. The votes taken at the AGM only start the process running.
13 May, 2001. The postal ballot process has been completed. Proposed changes to Rules 13, 15 and 17 have been approved by class membership and will now be submitted to the ISAF for final ratification.
doc postal_ballot_results_2000 70.00 Kb

Proposal: Rule 17 (Sail). Change rule 17.12
from: Double luffed or loose footed sails are prohibited.
to: Double luffed sails are prohibited.
47 in favour
5 against
14 abstentions
66 total
Proposal approved by 71 percent. Proposal carried.

Proposal: Change rule 15 (Boom). Change rule 15.2
from: The boom, excluding fittings, shall be able to pass through an 80 mm diameter circle.
to: The boom, excluding fittings, shall be able to pass through an 120 mm diameter circle.
55 in favour
6 opposed
10 abstentions
71 total
Proposal approved by 77 percent. Proposal carried

Proposal: Change 15 (Boom). Change boom material to permit carbon fibre.
34 in favour
23 opposed
15 abstentions
72 total
Proposal approved by 47 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Rule 13 (Masts) Proposal to permit any material.
56 in favour
9 opposed
9 abstentions
74 present
Proposal approved by 76 percent. Proposal carried.

Proposal: Rule 16 (Hull). Change hull weight downward.
32 in favour
35 opposed
3 abstentions
70 total
Proposal approved by 46 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Rule 19 (Prohibitions) Change rule 19 to add a weight
equalization system involving addition of racks (for hiking out)
and additional hull weight for light weight sailors.
18 in favour
37 opposed
8 abstentions
63 total
Proposal approved by 29 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Rule 42. Change class rules to permit pumping at any time.
8 in favour
47 opposed
0 abstentions
55 total
Proposal approved by 15 percent. Proposal failed.

Proposal: Change to permit up to 3 of the required 5 jury members
to participate by telecommunication rather than having to be on site
during a World Championship.
It was felt that this is the province of the ISAF and the Racing Rules.
It was not submitted to a vote by the members. Class representatives will discuss this with the ISAF.

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary dated 7 September, 2000, revised 13 May, 2001 with Postal Ballot Results

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