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Register for Kieler Woche 2020

Most of the events in 2020 are cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic including our Worlds in Medemblik. Luckily the Kieler Woche Organisation reacted quick and managed to postpone the Kieler Woche until September. This gives us the chance to have a wonderful and highly competitive 4 days regatta on the Baltic Sea.

But as the pandemic is not over the organisation as to keep an eye on the nubmer of participants. If we manage to have more than 30 entries by end of July we can come with 40 boats. If we manage 40 entries by end of July we can get secure even 50 spots. So please register early to help the organisors dealing with a big regatta in a crisis and also to help us as a class to sail create maybe the biggest Contender regatta of 2020 in Kiel.

You can register at Manage2sail here