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Europeans Day 1

Here are Race reports for three of the races (still waiting for the fourth Roberto) and current results.

Race 1 – Red/Green
Race 1 for Red and Green fleet got underway in 15 knots of breeze with a cleat start 1st time.  Andrea Bonezzi stamped his authority on the race early and led from beginning to end pulling out a commanding lead by the finish.  Behind him Homeier, Holden, Langdown, Jones and Aston had a tight battle for the remaining positions.  Eventually Homeier’s superior downwind speed told the story as he took 2nd.  Holden finished 3rd and Aston got a lucky shift up the last beat to sneak 4th from Landown.

1st Bonezzi
2nd Homeier
3rd Holden
4th Aston
5th Langdown
Race 2 – Green/Yellow
The second race for the green and yellow fleet again got away 1st time.  Graham Scott port tacked the fleet and looked like he would lead.  But by the top mark Bonezzi once again led and continued to pull away throughout the race.  If the wind stays up this is looking ominous for the other competitors.  Behind him at the windward mark the Brits packed in with Holden, Paul, Scott and Langdown.   Soren made up considerable ground to get in amongst the Brits on the run rounding 2nd.  At the finish he dropped to 3rd with Scott 2nd, Holden 4th and Langdown 5th.

Race 1 – Yellow and Blue
excellent conditions for the event to start with, bravissomo! We were the first to start, with a favoured pin end and rather choppy sea. Soren Andreasen and Marcus Hamilton started off there, while Bart Thorborg of the famous Thorborg brothers went off from the middle, but with lots of free wind and good boatspeed. At the topmark Bart led , just over Marcus, Simon Mussel  and Soren. During the reach those three  were much faster, but I could keep off Graham Scotto, and saw Giovanni Bonzio coming near. The second beat saw Soren and Marcus fighting for the lead, with Simon close behind. Downwind, it was Marcus who took a decisive lead, and Bart was rolled by Graham and Giovanni. The last beat Giovanni and Bart went left for a slightly favourite shift and gained upon the lot, while Simon passed Soren for second place. Giovanni squeezed in  just inches before Bart, and Graham took 6th place.

Neil Smith