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Race Report from Andrea Bonezzi

Here is my report of race 1 day2
This was the first race of day2, at the start the wind was light just above 5 knots, we had 2 general recall before a clear start with the black flag, the start line like all start in day2 was in favour of boats starting at pin end, also the left side of the course was in favour and at top mark those guys were leading, I wasn't in a great position of around 15th place, Giovanni Bonzio was second and soon first during the first reach. The Jury started to flag few boats for breaking the pumping rule, in the top of the fleet only Dirk Lafleur was "done".
In the 2nd upwind the wind peaked ...
at nearly 10 knots (and that was the peak of the day). Giovanni had a good speed and stretched his lead, I also manged to catch up ground and the light wind sailors lost their speed advantage. In the run lots of boat were not far from each other and not much happened on the run without the pumping flag hoisted. The last upwind was the one that got me to catch up till the 5th so i can write this report. More impressive was Gernot Goetz that was just ahead of me in 15th place at first mark (he went right on the first upwind) and he ended up 2nd in the race, he was very fast specially in the reaches and pumping on the limit (and infact he got "done" in the 2nd race of the day...very fast was also Jan Kuhlman that was 3rd and also very light just behind in 4th was Peter Dives that was a surprise of the day. 6th was Stuart Jones that lost few places in the last leg.
By the way, 5 of the top 6 boats were from the yellow group and only 1 was from the green (peter dives), in the second race of the day the yellow boat were 6 in the top wasn't a lucky day for the yellow group top light wind sailors...
Andrea Bonezzi

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