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Italy Day 3

The Chairman reports:

Day 3 Race 1 Blue - Green

1.    Christoph Homeier
2.    Matt Aston
3.    Graham Scott
4.    Joachim H
5.    Gary Langdown

The race started in a solid trapezing force 3 which dwindled during the race. The left side of the course was favoured and it was from here that the leaders emerged. Christoph Homeier led from the first mark and was never caught. Richard Batten arrived here second only to find that his start was a few yards too early. Matt Aston followed up his win of the previous day to consolidate with a second. With the fleet too timid to try the right of the beat the race became a boat speed procession the left with a minimum of place changing until the nip, tuck and shouting of the finish area.

Day 3 Race 1 Yellow-Red

The weather forecast for Race 5 was a 5-8 kt southwesterly. ... However a localized thunderstorm over the land to the North of the course area began to suck the wind through the course area at about 15 knots from the South.  The white caps whipped up quickly and provided perfect Contender Sailing Conditions.  The Start got off without a hitch with the boat end being slightly favoured.  However Boats that started at the pin and sailed to the left layline finding more pressure and a favourable angle came out on top at the first top mark.  The top group was Andrea, Simon Mussel, Soren, Roberto Lorenzi, Luca Polenta and Antonio Gnuzzi.  Marcus Hamilton and Giovanni Bonzio were a small distance behind.

Two marginal trapezing reaches followed allowing Soren, Marcus and Giovanni to sit in 3, 4 and 5.  At the bottom mark some 30 m behind Andrea and Simon on the 2nd Upwind Soren, Marcus and Giovanni tried to make in-roads inot the leaders by tacking on the shifts and pressure lines.  This was to no avail as the sailors who went hard left came out ahead again.  Andrea and Simon increased their lead.

Marcus fought it out with Luca, Roberto and Antonio to complete the run in 3rd place with a bunch of boats hot on their heels, consisting of Luca, Roberto, Antonio, Giovanni and crew.  On the final upwind the leaders consolidated their positions by covering the left side of the course.  Giovanni Bonzio and Luca Polenta took risks and went to the right side and mad massive gains to finish 4th and 2nd respectfully.  Andrea held on to victory and Simon slipped to 3rd.  Marcus who was on the left side of the course slipped to 5th and narrowly defeated Soren on the finish line who finished 6th.  Roberto and Antonio finished 7th and 8th although Antonio found he was OCS later.

Day 3 Race 2 was aborted and then no further racing.