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Worldwide Ballot 2018


2018 Ballot Instructions

The following are proposed changes for the International Contender Class Rules. This ballot comprises of proposed rule changes that were approved (received the required 2/3 majority) at the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Medemblik and the AGM at Sonderborg in 2017 and the AGM in McCrae in 2018. The delay for the 2015 proposal is due to failure to agree a wording with ISAF for the electronic equipment rule. This will need to be put into SI’s in the future if required at a regatta.

The proposals are now presented to the whole eligible (paid up) membership of the International Contender Association as at the time of the McCrea. National Secretaries or other responsible officers shall distribute this ballot to eligible members. Members who wish to vote must do so on this ballot paper and then return this ballot to an officer representing his/her country. Either in hard copy or electronically. That officer will:

  • Verify that the voter is eligible to vote:
  • Count the votes for and against the proposal.
  • Further, will report the sail number and name of each voter

The results of the balloting for each country shall be returned to the Secretary of the International Contender Association. Final NA results shall be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our rules state that the ballot can take a maximum of 3 months (07 June 2018) for the returns to come back to the secretary and only those returns shall be counted.