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ContenderWorlds2023 KJ KJR35662 1Søren Andreasen on one of the windy days (You could add: Don't try this at home or at least practice some years before you try)World championship 2013 settled.

Top five results at the 2023 world championship

  1. Søren Andreasen 14 points
  2. Christoph Homeier 26 points
  3. Mark Bulka 29 points
  4.  Jesper Armbrust 29 point
  5. Max Billerbeck 34 points

Contender world championship 2023 all results
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The danisk contender association would like to give all the best credits to Kerteminde Sailing Club, all the voluteers, the jury and the measurement-team for a great and well organized regatta. Thank you all so much!

All information  about the contender world championship 2023 in Kerteminde, Denmark is to be found as follows:

General information
This website in the menu: World championship 2023
Facebookgroup for the event 2023 Contender worlds

Official information on the regatta managemetsystem: Managetosail

Pre-worlds/Danish championship 2023

World championship 2023