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AGM Minutes 1995

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 1995
11 September, 1995 at Roton Point Sailing Association,
Rowayton, Connecticut, USA

Apologies have been received from Rien van Zwienen and Ab de Niet.
The Meeting was opened by the Chairman, Richard Buttner, who read the Minutes of the previous AGM held 1994 in Austria. Acceptance of minutes was proposed by Keith Paul, seconded by Nigel Walbank, and unanimously accepted. The meeting ran
18:15 hrs - 20:00 hrs

Chairman's report

Treasurer's report

Apologies had been received from Ab. The following report were included in Rien's letter. Total amount due for the Yearbook is 1800 pound Sterling which needs to be paid to the British Contender Association. It was suggested that the secretary sends out a proforma invoice in the first quarter of each year reminding the National Associations of the amount per member due for the year. It was confirmed that the annual fee will 4 pound Sterling per year per full member from 1996 onwards.

Technical Report

The ballot regarding use of vinylester for laminating has been carried and submitted to the relevant IYRU committee. The same applies for the ballot regarding transom rake. Another question brought to the tech. committee was a rewording of the rule regarding rig adjustments.The committee proposed that no change was needed. This was unanimously accepeted by the AGM. The sail measurement procedure for our class differs from the standard IYRU procedure. Nigel Walbank proposed to bring this in line with the standard procedure with a rule change via a postal ballot. Seconded by Ron Duffin, unanimously carried

President's report

Secretary's report

Apologies had been received from Rien. A Report from Rien was read by Richard Buttner. The ICA has been represented at the 1994 AGM of the IYRU by Rien and Richard. Keith proposed a vote of thanks for Rien, unanimously carried.

Other Business

Andrew Keag proposed to establish a list of International Judges and Jury Members experienced in Contender Championships to make the organization of a major events easier. It was suggested that the ICA secretary should hold that list and make it available to interested parties.

Election of Officers

Rien had mentioned that he wanted to stand down,
Tobias Abarbanell proposed as secretary by Nigel Walbank, seconded by Keith Paul, carried unanimously.

President: Jo Rösler
Chairman: Richard Buttner
Technical Chairman: Nigel Walbank
Treasurer: Ab de Niet
reelected unanimously - proposed by Steve Evans, seconded by Frank Wittington.
Technical committee: Andrea Bonezzi added to committee, proposed by Keith Paul, seconded by Andrew Keag, elected unanimously.  Michael Smits added to cormmittee replacing David Gilliland, proposed by Gil Woolley, seconded by Jerry White, elected unanimously.

Upcoming Events

Worlds 1996: Weymouth, UK 30-Aug to 6-Sep 1996
Europeans 1997: Kaløvig near Århus, Denmark preferred Aug/Sep. 1997
Worlds 1997: Sydney 1/2 Jan 1998 New South Wales Titles, 3-7 Jan 1998 Worlds (2 races each day)
Worlds 1998: Italy, Sardinia preferred September
Worlds 1999/2000: options: one year France, South Africa, or another "new" country; other year a "big fleet" event like Germany, Holland. 

Euro Cup
To promote racing on an international level within Europe, a Euro Cup will be initiated by the German Contender Association starting 1996. This will be a ranking list calculated from each competitors best three regattas from a total of 6 to 8 European regattas. The details will be finalized during the next months and communicated by the ICA secretary. For ease of communication it was propesed to put the addresses of the national fixtures secretaries in the ICA address list.

Transport for the 1996 Worlds

Richard Buttner will try to arrange a cheap ferry price for the transport to the 1996 Worlds. People interested should contact Richard at least 6-8 weeks in advance giving details such as: Car registration, Number of people, Number of boats.


The 1996 AGM will take place on Wednesday, 4 September 1996, 19:00 hours at the Weymouth Sailing Centre, Weymouth, Great Britain

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary dated May, 2005

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