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2014 AGM Agenda

International Contender Association

Annual General Meeting

Belmont 15ft Sailing Club

Belmont, New South Wales


10:00 am

22nd January 2014

  1. Apologies for      Absence
  2. Approve last      years minutes
  3. Introduction of      committee
  4. Chairmans report
  5. Treasurers      report
  6. Technical report
  7. Secretaries      report
  8. International      report
    1. Europeans 2014
    2. Worlds 2015
    3. World 2016
  9. New Event      proposals
  10. Rule change      proposals
    1. measurement       rules – Centreboard Pivot – Tech Committee
    2. Championship       rules – contract with Club
  11. Election of      Officers
  12. AOB

NOTE: if you have ANY changes you wish to propose at the AGM please forward them in writing at your earliest convenience to the secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for inclusion into the agenda.