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The class is launched

To help the Contender along, through the difficult early days, a Launch Committee was formed from the ‘movers and shakers’ of the day to see the Contender through the process of getting builders and National Associations formed.

In this task they were soon to be joined by an irrepressible bundle of perpetual motion that went under the name of Freddie Gale. Freddie did not just get the boat established in the UK, as with his ever present partner in crime, Mike Baker, they promoted the new boat throughout Europe, making sure that the class had a true ‘international’ flavour.

Freddie Gale, 3rd from left, complete with friends,
a cigar clamped between the teeth, and a drink,
at an event either in the Netherlands or Germany.

Note Mike Beggs (with hair) in Slick Chick / K16 overall.
(picture courtesy of Mike Baker / Suzie Gale)