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The magical 3 figure mark

By now the fleets at the top events were reaching that magical three figure mark, a milestone that was passed when 114 competitors turned up for the Garda Worlds. This time it was Australian Barry Watson who would be the man to beat, ahead of Keith Paul who was busy showing that he could still handle the breezy conditions in his old age! Third place went to the leading German boat, as Joachim Rosler confirmed his status as a front runner in the fleet.
“Come up and see my hi-fi”!  At the end of the week, the weather at Struer improved enough to let Keith Paul sneak into third place – and the prize of a Bang & Olufsen hi-fi system.
Liz Andrews, who sailed well in conditions that many found really difficult, has just said “but you’re old enough to be my father!”
(Photo courtesy of Jim and Dee Mackonochie)

After the warmth and sunshine of Garda, Struer, the Class’s first visit to Danish waters for a Worlds, was wet, windy, windier, wetter, windier still and then it rained even harder. The campsites flooded; sailors were forced into trying to ‘pull’ girls so as to get a dry and warm bed (their intentions were of course completely honourable), yet none of this seemed to bother Watson, who dominated the first 6 races. Tony Smith was the best of the rest, with Keith Paul third. Spare a thought for poor Greg Lamb, who wiped out at high speed and broke his leg. It really was that sort of week!