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The Doctor calls

There was no lack of wind at Fremantle, where the famed ‘Fremantle Doctor’ blew with its usual ferocity. The heavy weather stars were very much in evidence, with Brits Simon Mussell and Tim Holden mixing it with Tim Hill, Marcus Hamilton and Jan Von der Bank. Then, with everything set for a grandstand final, the wind went light and Andrea Bonezzi drew on all his experience to win once more, a truly amazing record of 6 World Championship wins.

Christoph Homier won the Europeans at Ebensee, and then once again it was back to Medemblik and another monster fleet of 148 boats.

Marcus Hamilton, who had been close to winning the title in previous years, finally overcame his great rival, Andrea, at the 2007 World Championships at Medemblik
Søren Andreasen, Graham Scott and Andrea Bonezzi all looked strong, with Homier and Giovanni Bonzio just waiting for one of the top boats to leave an opening. In the end though it was Marcus Hamilton, who had already been second in the event a number of times, who went into the final day with the all important points advantage. With a strong wind blowing and visibility poor in the driving rain, the Race Committee decided against sending the fleet out afloat, a situation that resulted in Marcus being ceremoniously thrown into the harbour as the new Champion. The following year in Ontario (where the promised Kingston Thermal did not materialise), Marcus demonstrated his prowess in light air too, winning the 2008 Championships and  announcing his retirement from racing the Contender.