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Sailcare during Wintertime

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northsailcare.jpegIn northern Europe with its hundreds of Contenders, Wintertime is not far away. Most of you, we think, do warm their feet indoor at the stove and got a hot drink. Some fearless Champions will held there Traning also in temperatures below zero, but most Contenders are stored away for next season. But what about your Sails. These precious Artworks from Skillfull craftmanship.

How do you treat them before storing? was interessted in and got hold of an Expert. Joel McDonald from North Sails UK gave us a closer view to this topic. If you follow him, he says, your sails will last longer, and give you an advantage to the guys who leave them in the dingiyard while snow falls.

The majority of sail degradation happens whilst in use, but there are a few key tips to help look after them when laying up for longer periods. 

General Tips.

It’s important to then store them in a dry location, such as a garage or loft, not the dinghy park or in a damp & drafty shed. Avoid storing in direct contact with heating radiators, hot flues or pipes. Also prevent stacking other equipment on top of your sail. Sails will crease, which is all too visible on that first lightwind race in springtime, and damage to the fibres can have a considerable effect on the longevity of a sails life.

 Luff tape at the lower mast track end, headboard and fullbatten end.