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AGM Minutes 2005

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2005
15 July, 2005 at Travemünde, Germany

The meeting started at 1900 hrs
The AGM was chaired by ICA Chairman Søren Andreasen. He welcomed the attending members and thanked the German Contender Association for organising a good championship with 117 entries.
The Minutes of Annual General Meeting at Riva del Garda, Italia were approved as posted.

Chairman's report

Søren Andreasen initiated a discussion about a new brochure. 24 in favour, 18 opposed.
Request to add the secretaries of the various nations to the brochure.

Treasurer's report

Tim Holden reported:
There is a balance of Euro 21,099. Payments to the ICA by various nations have been poor over the last three years. Countries which are current in their payments are:

  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • USA

Countries which have not made payments for the years 2003, 2004, 2005 include

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • New Zealand

Expenses in the last year include 1500 Euro for the 2004 Worlds Video and the boom stickers. ICA contribution of 50% of the entry fees for the Worlds to three junior competitors.

Technical Report

Alan Mollatt reported:
a Report on the worldwide postal ballot. All measures passed. Details may be reviewed at ___
b: Reported that the ICA have loaned AUS$10.000 to the Australian Contender Association to create a new mould for building glassfibre boats in Australia. The loan will be repaid by including the amount of AUS$500 in the price of each boat sold. The sale of 20 boats is sufficient to repay the loan.
c: Thanks to measurer Ron Duffield for the rapid and comprehensive measurement process which he led and directed at Travemünde. Far better than last year.
d: John Bagh of Denmark recommended that the class amend its Championship Rules to require that each Contender carry a towline specified to be 8mm diameter, 15 metres long, floating. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour.
e: Nick Grace of Great Britain spoke on behalf of the British Contender Association. He said that the primary builder in Great Britain, recommends that the class change its rules to permit epoxy to be used with glassfibre in addition to the presently permitted polyester and vinylester resins. Andrea Bonezzi of Italia spoke in favour also.  Joachim Harpprecht of Germany spoke against this. This is what he said:

  • If Epoxy is better, this would make existing boats obsolete.
  • For me it is not a good argument if a single builder who has never built a Contender wants a rule change that may influence all the existing builders. Why can he not read the rules and build a boat according to the rules as the aussies do?
  • As a builder I am concerned of warranty problems that may arise with osmosis between a polyester gelcoat and an epoxy laminate. To avoid this boats have to be spray painted this costs another 1000 Euros and will make the Contender more expensive and thus less attractive.
  • Let us have a sportive, affordable Contender and not just sit like Buddah in superhightech boats and drift along the reaches without pumping!

Chris Sutherland (Australia) spoke against this saying that it would make existing and new boats built of the present resins obsolete. The vote was 10 in favour, an overwhelming number were opposed. The measure did not pass.
f. Andrea Bonezzi of Italia spoke in favour of changing the class rules to include the
weight of the centreboard support (stirrups) in the weight of the hull. After some discussion, it was decided not to vote on this but defer to a future meeting.

President's report

Tim Holden declined to present a President’s report as he has stepped down as President in order to take on the office of Treasurer.

Secretary's report

Gil reported that he has been tasked with identifying and listing all of the perpetual trophies which are to be awarded at any World Championship and also the recipient of each trophy at each World Championship.
Albrecht Dellius announced that the GCA has created a new Women’s trophy to be awarded to the top woman sailor at the Worlds.

The 2005 Minutes were approved.
Currently there are 559 members of yahoo-groups compared with 386 members in 2004.

New boat sales figures   Used boats
28    2004                            7 (fewer advertisements on the Internet)
16    2003                            27
26    2002                            37
50    2001                            39
18    2000                            47
33    1999                            19
25    1998                            -

2317 boats have been issued plaques representing new boats since the inception of the Contender class in 1969.

Builders new in 2004/2005

  • None now in North America, an issue limiting potential
  • Australia - Two new builders 'New Challenges' in Perth, "Dinghy Sports" in Sydney (reapplied)
  • Italy - Two new builders "Nautica Piccola" and "ZZtopBoats"
  • Great Britain - "Specialized marine" (marketed by Bob Hoare Boats)
  • France - Boatique Diffusion

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