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AGM Minutes 2005

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2005
15 July, 2005 at Travemünde, Germany
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Business Arising

Chairman Søren Andreasen proposed that we change the class rules to permit pumping (actually suspension of rule 42 Propulsion) within our class rules. He pointed out that a number of classes have modified their class rules to permit pumping and that ISAF rule making has changed in such a way that it is now necessary to modify the class rules in order that rule 42 be suspended. 37 were in favour, 8 opposed 45 total. 82% in favour. This change must be subjected to worldwide postal ballot and approval by the ISAF.

Jan von der Bank spoke regarding the image of the Contender class, the German media and recommended that the class identify the Contender as a Skiff. The boat was designed in Australia, in Australia, the word “Skiff” is used to denote a dinghy and that in the present milieu skiffs are considered to be exciting and new. He recommended that we purchase rights on the Internet to the words

Election of Officers

Most of the discussion regards the position of President since former President Tim Holden decided to step sideways into the position of Treasurer.

Chairman Søren Andreasen pointed out that at present the various officers come from a number of countries and that it is probably a widespread feeling that having too many officers from one country can cause problems of lack of representation. Since Great Britain is already represented by Technical Chairman Alan Mollatt and Treasurer Tim Holden, it would be good to find a President from another country. He then recognized Albrecht Delius who proposed Manfred Kieckbusch for the office of President, which he accepted.

Upcoming Events

Perth, Fremantle, Australia 7-14 Worlds, 4-6 Australian Nationals. Boats will ship from Europe in a container in October
2007 Medemblik, Holland in mid July
2008 Kingston, Canada. It was recommended that one or more Canadians attend the Worlds at Fremantle to promote the Worlds in Canada.
2009 Deliberately no decision but possibilities are Finland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Serbia Montenegro.
2010 Brisbane, Australia

Traunsee, Austria end of August
2008 Cervia, Italia; May decide to change to Northern Italy to reduce driving distances for German Contender sailors.

Communication between ICA and national class associations

The GCA requested that in future only the elected and officially representing officers will be approached with respective topics with copy to national secretary, e.g. postal ballots on technical items to be sent to the German Technical Chairman. The national secretary is always responsible and in charge by law, so he should have a copy of correspondence.

Chris Sutherland spoke about Perth/Fremantle in January 2006. It is a town of 1 million people. It is windy and hot.

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary dated 19 December, 2005

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