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AGM Minutes 2004

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2004
4 August, 2004 at Fraglia della Vela di Riva del Garda, Italia

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Business Arising

Annual Levy to ICA and how we should spend the current balance of 21000€.
There was a proposal to substantially drop the fee, and to change it to Euros, rather than £ Sterling.
Eventually a proposal from Roy Otten to change the fee to 6 €(ie remain unchanged other than
the currency switch) was voted upon and agreed by a majority, with 2 against.

How to spend our cash……. Topics discussed……..

Class promotion within individual countries
Over the past years much has been spent, and claimed from ICA to support this area of expenditure. While not ruling it out in the future, National Associations have been reminded that ANY expense in this area where ICA grants are needed MUST be pre agreed ie national associations cannot spend and then claim or deduct these costs from their ICA annual Levy.

An agreement in one year does not confer agreement for subsequent years.
Areas which will be considered for support include :
  • National exhibitions
  • Publicity materials that can be used within all countries
  • Grants towards European and world championships
  • Reimbursement for discounts allowed to juniors at world or European events (not national events)
  • Professionally run training events aimed at developing grass roots racing

Much discussion took place on how to encourage sailors from under represented nations attend
world events. Specifically Australian sailors put forward a case for support, from direct container
support to discounted, or free entry fees, but this can also be used to argue the case for USA,
Canada, France, Spain etc. There was a strong feeling from members that some support should
be given, with a proposal that we should even allow a special fund to be set up by voluntary
donation / annual levy by sailors wishing to pledge extra support for this specific purpose.
This is a point that the committee needs to discuss, possibly encouraging National Associations
to seek additional small voluntary contributions. There was a definite feeling that our championships
would be a poorer place without an international contingent.
No formal proposition was put to a vote, but the committee agreed to produce a budget, based on
our known income and likely expenditure, and how we intend to use the money wisely in supporting
the class development.

Election of Officers

The existing officers and committee were re-elected to stand for a further year, with 3 members
voting against.

The following were unanimously accepted onto the committee as National Representatives:
  • Switzerland: Jacqueline Rufenacht
  • Italy: Andrea Bonezzi
  • Denmark: Moses Lovstad
  • Australia: Alan Grifiths
  • Netherlands: Hans Van der Viet
  • Germany: Tobias Abarbanell
  • UK: Simon Mussell

No nominations were received from Austria, USA, Canada, France, Spain, etc

Upcoming Events

2005 Worlds:
Travemünde, Germany Worlds 23-29 July, 2005
2006 Worlds:
Fremantle, Australia 2-7 January, 2006. Paul Green guaranteed no rain and girls on the beach. Then he distributed brochures
2006 Europeans:
Austria 27/8 to 1/9 ** info added revision A
2007 Netherlands:
2007 will be on the Ijsselmeer. We haven't decided the date and which side of the lake yet. As soon as we know, you will ** info added revision A
2008 Worlds:
Canada will be in late August in 2008. We don't want to wait until fall as we may have iceberg issues. (yes Matt that is a joke) ** info added revision A
2008 Europeans:
I think you mean... Cervia, not Gallia (a famous luxury hotel in Milan) :-)(south of Venice) in May or June ** info added revision A
Secretary sincerely gives thanks to many people who have provided more accurate information in May 2005.


Championship Rules have been on the ICA web site since 2001. They were circulated, and further copies made available after the meeting. Tim Holden (TJH) explained how important it was to bring our Championship rules up to date. A unanimous vote was received in support. Thanks were expressed to Chris Mitchell for his drafting.

Association Rules have been redrafted by TJH to reflect how the committee and association is currently run.
Copies were made available, and a copy is attached. A unanimous vote was received and the item passed.

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary Revision A 26 May, 2005

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