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AGM Minutes 2004

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2004
4 August, 2004 at Fraglia della Vela di Riva del Garda, Italia

Many thanks to Tim Holden who was recording.
Apologies for non attendance: One received from Gil Woolley due to being detained by local Police
Minutes from last meeting were read out. Proposed as accurate and unanimous vote to accept passed.

Chairman's report

Treasurer's report

No report was provided by the treasurer. This led to vocal challenge as to why, and no real reason could be found to placate the members. Christoph explained his problems of extracting information from his predecessor, and it seems the account was under the control of the German Association, rather than with ICA officers. This MUST be changed, and Christoph needs to approach the bank for new signing mandates so that ICA officers are able to deal with the account.

The president and the chairman explained that a successful meeting had been held with the Italian association and an agreement has been reached for a final payment to bring their account up to date. See below (Other Business) re future expenditure.

Technical Report

Download Alan Mollat's report in Word format doc technical_report2004.html 6.36 Kb

A number of rule changes were proposed

  • To adopt ISAF E.R.S (2005-2008) - unanimously accepted by show of hands
  • Rule 17.2 bringing sail measurement in line with ERS - agreed
  • Rule 17.6 re headboard dimensions - agreed
  • Rule 17.8 re aft head point - agreed
  • Rule 13.1 re 2 part masts. The proposal was to limit the joint area, but discussion led to a changed proposal to simply delete the fact that sections had to be permanently fixed together ie allowingthe joint to be anywhere on the mast, and to be removable to ease transport. Discussion included the fact that at a regatta or championship only one top and one bottom section was allowed, andno pivoting was to be allowed, in accordance with existing rules. Alan will redraft thisamendment. It was full y accepted by those voting.
  • Rule 13.1 part two re allowing 50mm flex in mast. In vote one member was against, rest for.

Other technical issues were discussed under this report, and two proposals were made.

  • Andrea Bonezzi proposed to allow epoxy resins to be used in the manufacture of GRP boats alongside existing polyester resins. Much discussion, with boat builders warning of increased costs(approx £800 per boat) and incompatibility between compounds leading to delamination.Vote 27 for and 18 against so proposal defeated
  • An Australian proposal to allow amateur builders to build in GRP, as an extension to theexisting limitation of only wood or composite completion of GRP hulls. In the vote it was fully supported, with the proviso of the existing limitation of only one boat per year for own use.

President's report

Tim Holden declined to present a President’s report as he has stepped down as President in order to take on the office of Treasurer.

Secretary's report

Gil reported that he has been tasked with identifying and listing all of the perpetual trophies which are to be awarded at any World Championship and also the recipient of each trophy at each World Championship.
Albrecht Dellius announced that the GCA has created a new Women’s trophy to be awarded to the top woman sailor at the Worlds.

Currently there are 386 members of yahoo-groups compared with 350 members in 2003.

New boat sales figures   Used boats
16    2003                            27
26    2002                            37
50    2001                            39
18    2000                            47
33    1999                            19
25    1998                            -

2300 boats have been issued plaques representing new boats since the inception of the Contender class in 1969. The secretary makes a SWAG (sophisticated wild_a guess) that there are 600 to 900 Contenders currently actively sailed.

The ISAF requires all International classes to individually report twice during the year.
On 1 February a report is submitted which appears on the ISAF web pages. A comparison of data for the International Contender and arbitrarily selected other International classes.

Class new boats 2003 new 5 years Active Built Starting
Contender 16 140 1600-1900 2286 1969
505 24 127 2500 8840 1954
Fireball 23 - - - -
Moth 10-15 50-60 - ~1000s -
OK Dinghy 13 ~100 - ~1000 -
Intl 14 20 ~180 ~500 - -
Olympic Classes
Finn 121 587 - - -
Europe 200 ~1200 5000 20000 -
Laser 2455 12426 - 179600 -
Radial 2455 12426 < - 179600 -
4.7 2455 12426 - 179600 -


  • None now in North America and Australia - an issue limiting potential in those continents. Dinghy Sports has given up their licence (by not paying required fee to (ISAF).


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