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AGM Minutes 1999

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting 1999
20 September, 1999 at Kiel, Germany

Minutes of previous AGM at Sardinia, Italia: No minutes have been recorded.
Apologies: Apology from Technical Chairman, Alan Mollatt

Chairman's report

Treasurer's report

Technical Report

President's report

Secretary's report

Gil Woolley reported on the 2nd Hand Contender web page. There are 42 current advertisements and 6 or 7 boats have been sold that were advertised on the page. The page is currently not working automatically but advertisements emailed to the secretary are entered manually on the page.

Other Business

Discussion of the “Olympic” trials to select a new high performance single handed dinghy. There was considerable discussion by a number of members to the effect that the Contender was selected as a new high performance single handed dinghy over 30 years ago. Chairman Mitchell asked for a show of hands to see how many members support making the Contender an Olympic class and how many are opposed to making the Contender an Olympic class.
Results of show of hands.
  • 4 support making the Contender an Olympic class
  • 26 are opposed to making the Contender an Olympic class
  • 9 abstained from taking a position.

It was the sense of the membership that the secretary should write a letter to ISAF to remind them that the Contender has already been selected as a fast single hander, the class would like to be represented by excellent Contenders and Contender sailors at the trials. Further, the ISAF has obviously decided that the Contender is not the fast single hander for which they are searching because the description of the objective of the trials is to find a boat faster on all points of sail and with a wider range of helm weight than any current International class. Finally, since ISAF is looking for a boat faster than existing International classes, the Contender and arguably other International classes should be admitted to the trials without the obligation to pay an entry fee in order that ISAF may be satisfied that the boat chosen is indeed faster than all existing International classes.

Chairman Mitchell led discussion of Contender class Championship rules. It was observed that presently, the Chairman is involved in granting exceptions to the existing Championship rules such as permitting more than a single race per day. It was the sense of the meeting that a committee be organized to redraft the Championship rules to reflect the desires of the contemporary Contender racing community and to eliminate the need to continuously grant exceptions to the rules for each World Championship.

It was suggested that the membership be posted on the Internet.

It was suggested and discussed that it would be beneficial to develop a “storm” sail or a sail better suited to low weight helms persons.

It was discussed that special incentives for juniors should be included in the Championship rules but others pointed out that the championship committee already has permission granted by the existing rules to offer special incentives and inducements (prizes) to sailors under the age 18.

Election of Officers

The following persons were (re)-elected to the following offices:
President: Nigel Walbank
Chairman: Chris Mitchell
Technical Chairman: Alan Mollatt
Treasurer: Manfred Kieckbusch
Secretary: Gil Woolley

Upcoming Events

World Championship Arrangements:

2000 Medemblik, Holland
2001 Kingston, Ontario Canada
2002 was firmed up to be: Melbourne, Australia in January 2002 Promote Phillip Bay
2003 Plymouth, Great Britain

European Championship Arrangements:
2001 Silvaplana Switzerland, 15-20 August - Excuse me, major correction
2001 will be held in Loctudy in Britanny, France. Dates are not yet confirmed with the club published.
2002 Denmark (added to the minutes after the meeting)

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary

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