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AGM Minutes 1996

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 1996
4 Sept, 1996 at Sandsfoot Sailing Club, Weymouth, UK  18:00 - 19:40

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Business Arising

Yearbook 1997
It was proposed by Richard Buttner that a new yearbook with updated class rules should be printed. The cost for the last yearbook including some brochures had been 2000 Sterling. Details were discussed and the proposal was unanimously carried.

Video from Weymouth Worlds

There was a video prepared during this championship by a professional photographer. It was agreed that the ICA should buy 2 copies for each National Contender Association.

Election of Officers

The following officers were unanimously elected:

Jo Rosler
Chris Mitchell
Manfred Kieckbusch
Tobias Abarbanell
Technical Chairman:
Nigel Walbank

The technical committee was re-elected without changes.

Upcoming Events

World Championship 1997 in Sydney / Australia:
The organizers asked for permission to change the race format for this championship so that on 5 racing days there would be 2 races a day of 1:15 to 1:30 hours length. There would be 2 discards if all races sailed. This was accepted with 50 votes pro, 4 against, and 15 abstentions. The dates will be:

    Wednesday, 31-Dec-97: New Year's Eve and Welcome Party.
    Thursday, 1-Jan-98 and Friday, 2-Jan-98: New South Wales Open.
    Saturday, 3-Jan-98 and Sunday, 4-Jan-98: Measurement.
    Monday, 5-Jan-98 - Friday, 9-Jan-98: World Championship races.

European Championship 1997 in Århus / Denmark:
The Championship will be held from 2-9 Aug 1997 in Kaløvig 10 km north of Århus. The venue was presented by Søren Andreasen.

World Championship 1998 in Italy:
Andrea Bonezzi explained that the Italian Class Association was pursuing a venue in Sardinia, but had no confirmation yet.

For the championships in 1999 and 2000 there had been the following proposals:
    * The Dutch Association proposed Medemblik in 1999
    * The German Association proposed Kiel in Aug/Sep 2000
    * The Swiss Association proposed a European Championship in 1999/2000 if the Worlds would be outside Europe.

There were no proposals for non-European events. It was discussed whether there should be three consecutive World Championships in such geographic proximity as Italy/Holland/Germany, but both Medemblik and Kiel were eventually unanimously accepted.

The next AGM was announced to be during the World Championships in Sydney. The precise location and time will be announced in accordance with the Association rules.

Nigel Walbank proposed a vote of thanks to Richard Buttner which was unanimously carried.

Submitted by Gil Woolley, Secretary.  26 November, 1999 revised per email 30 December, 1999 and 2 January, 2000
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